Sandra Dean, LMT, Reiki Master: My Treatment Approach (continued)

I enjoy working with people from many cultural backgrounds, sexual orientations and age groups, and I tailor my massage techniques to respond thoughtfully to each person’s unique circumstances. My clients have ranged from those who seek massage for health maintenance or repair, to elders who need soothing touch in their lives, to those in counseling who need massage support to help integrate new insights into a healthier somatic awareness. I work best with clients who sincerely want to create more balance in their lives and are willing to devote some time and attention to the things that might need adjustment.

Sensitive massage work plays a powerful role in the process of regulating physical and psychological balance, because it accelerates the removal of damaging stress related toxins in the body that interfere not only with physical healing but with mental clarity as well. I consider it part of my work to assist you in accessing the innate intelligence of the body to begin restoring the natural healing mechanisms that are disrupted during times of emotional or physical stress.

Although I have thorough medical massage training in treating a wide spectrum of physical issues, over my long work experience I have also developed a deep awareness of the more subtle psychological components that often play a hidden role in many physical complaints. To the best of my ability, (and always in a respectful, non-invasive and non-judgmental manner), I take these concerns into consideration in my work. If additional support is needed for specific issues outside my scope of practice, I maintain a researched file of additional health care professionals (counselors, physicians, chiropractors, acupuncture practitioners, meditation instructors, etc.) that I use for referrals.

Since I am a visual artist as well as a massage therapy professional, I have taken great care in creating a treatment environment that is serene, beautiful and life enhancing—a welcoming, quiet and healing respite from an outside world filled with noise and endless stressful distractions. With this in mind, beyond the initial interview at the beginning of each session and the practical conversation at closing, I generally do not initiate conversation during massage treatments except to check in about your comfort or to answer questions. I always keep in mind that the massage time is for your benefit, not mine.

I look forward to assisting you in reaching and maintaining maximum health, vitality and balance. If you have specific questions that are not covered in this summary, please contact me by email. I have found that since everyone’s schedules are complicated, email is the best way to schedule appointments or exchange information, since everything is in writing.

Please note that for health reasons, I am not able to work with clients who smoke cigarettes.

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Sandra M. Dean LMT

Maple Leaf Health Associates